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A new vision of the world in the light of the unforgivable & unforgettable enormities committed during the last century
requires a new way of giving meaning with words to that new vision of the world

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11,112,006,825,558,016 Sonnets 11, 112, 006, 825, 558, 016 Sonnets William Gillespie & William Shakespeare 11, 112, 006, 825, 558, 016 Sonnets 1999 After Queneau's CGI   Dynamic
20 Consonant Poetry. 20-Consonant Poetry You A form of serial poetry, based on 12-tone music 1993-? Has to happen

Poetry + Art


/20 Jade Quill
5 Writers on September 11, 2002 Raymond Federman, Joe Futrelle, Kurt Heintz, Dirk Stratton, Chandra Vega Reflections on terrorism 2002 Poetry + MP3s /911
Arrangement for Scrap Metal Tom Grothus Performance 2001   Score and notes /grothus Perform
The Assassination of Roy's Suspended Disbelief The Assassination of Roy's Suspended Disbelief Q.Synopsis collage novel 1990 Xerox edition unavailable on Ebay HTML /roy  
  Black Mountain Matrix Robert Creeley's class at Brown archive 2004   HTML /black
Book Views   Views on books 2002-?   HTML /book
  Car Alarms of Providence   Music with kinetic poetry 2003   Flash /providence
Clowns of War Q. Synopsis Play 1991   Script /clowns
Cybernetics of Cybernetics Cybernetics of Cybernetics Ashby, Bateson, Beer, Brün, Hardin, Maturana, McCulloch, Pask, Powers, von Foerster, Wiener, et al. Scholarly anthology 1975 Hardback, paperback   /cybernetics /cybernetics Book includes Parabook & Metabook
The Ed Report The Ed Report Ed Commission Serial fiction for the Web 2000 Probably illegal HTML edreport.com
Mark Enslin         /enslin  
The Executor, by William Gillespie and Nick Montfort. The Executor William Gillespie and Nick Montfort Kinetic fiction 2005   Java / Processing /executor  
The Story of the Sparrow. Federman Collection Raymond Federman Folk tale 2002 The Story of the Sparrow: limited edition of 26 copies signed by Federman The Federman Collection /namredef Listen to Federman
Texts by Alain Frontier / Translations by Raymond Federman Alain Frontier, Raymond Federman   2002        
Gaston: The Rejected Editor Raymond Federman And you thought you were bitter Friday, 1995        
Fear Hierarchy Jan Pettit poem 2003        
Interview with Godot Raymond Federman interview with a famous character 2002        
My Tor-Mentor Raymond Federman   16 July 1942       a riddle
Flat Books Rick Burkhardt & Andy Gricevich Flat books 2002-? Limited Edition oddities   /flat
Mail art
From the Editors' Skulls -Ed. Rants 2002-?   HTML /skull


Ernest Vincent Wright A Novel of Over 50,000 Words Without the Letter "E" 1939 Happened once, will happen again HTML /gadsby Write a lipogram
Good Scissors. Good Scissors Ingrid Ankerson Poetry 2001 An award-winning book of poetry Excerpts online /good
THF. The Help File Nick Montfort Electronic magical self-help realism 1999 Mail order disc Download /help
  Michael Holloway     Nonsequitur books & CDs   /holloway Listen
The Hunting of the Snark Lewis Carroll Epic poem     HTML /snark  
          HTML /interviews  
Invisible Literature: Poetry by Prisoners. Invisible Literature Prisoners Poetry   Make a zine HTML /invisible literature Write the author a letter
Invisible Seattle Seattle Collaborative writing, utopian thought 1987 Function Industries Book Sold out Excerpt online /invisible seattle  
Nel Mezzo della Vita. A Kind Word Alone Rob Swigart Postmodern detective novella 1997 Nel Mezzo Della Vita book HTML    
. org
Testers wanted
Letter to Linus Letter to Linus William Gillespie A hypercube 2001   HTML /letter
  Listen           /ears  
Literature Laboratory   Literature Laboratory     HTML /litlab Writing experiments you can attempt
Variations on a Plot Curve William Gillespie Fiction 1994   HTML /plot
        Mail art   /mail
Martirano Archive Salvatore Martirano Life and work       /martirano  
Experiments Bernadette Mayer Writing experiments     HTML, MP3 /mayer Write
The McCaffery Collection, by Larry. McCaffery Archive Larry McCaffery Avant-Criticism Canonical, baby, timeless Old school HTML /mccaffery Borrego
I d:dr't lnow E~,n,~lish!–Ways to Fail, Dub Mix, Part I a story by Raymond Federman, faithlessly transcribed by McCaffery 1998 [unintelligible]      
Re-Double or Nothing avant-criticism bridge column 1998        

Some Reflections of "Processed Narratives" and David Blair's Wax, or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Sign-Processed Hypertextual Critical Narrative / interview with David Blair 1994


The Velvet Rims of Derek Pell's X-Textual "Hod Rod" Avant criticism 1993        

White Noise / White Heat

How the postmodern turn in rock music led to nothing but road 1990/ 2000        
Keeler. Mechanics and Kinematics of Web-Work Plot Construction Harry Stephen Keeler Writing Manual for Web-Work Fiction 1928 Appeared in print in 1928 HTML /keeler Learn to write unpublishable fiction
  Oblique Strategies Brian Eno Artistic prompts     CGI   Compose
  Parenti Collection Susan Parenti Utopian poetry, utopian plays   Nonsequitur books /parenti Perform
            /perform Perform
Los Poetas y el General Edited by Eva Goldschmidt Wyman. Poems by Chileans living under Pinochet 2002 LOM Ediciones, 2002. ISBN: 956-282-491-8 Poems by Fernando Alegría, Oscar Hahn, David Valjalo. /poetas Know history
  Prettygood           /prettygood  
Nel Mezzo della Vita. Rebellion of the People's Republic of the Southeastern Heights Joe Sprague Meditative spasms for adult adolescents 1999 Nel Mezzo Della Vita book HTML, CGI /rebellion Random
  Texts That Matter to Me   Art of history of theory piracy and education etc. Don't know anything about it offsite HTML / PDF   Perform
Theater Therapy. Theater Therapy Rick Burkhardt, William Gillespie, Joe Futrelle, Mark Enslin A stage play for four performers 1992   The script, with a critical introduction /theater
Audience participation is discouraged
The Theoretical Posture Dr. Pandarus A tract written to welcome Derrida to Stanford 2002 Nel Mezzo Della Vita book Excerpts online    
Trade Names. Trade Names William Gillespie, Nick Montfort A strip book, homage to Queneau 2002 Limited signed edition of 58 copies HTML /trade
Transcriptions. Transcriptions from a Blank Book Dirk Stratton a poem   Tall book published by Dandelion HTML /transcriptions  
Unfinished Revolution. An Unfinished Revolution? Albert Müller & Karl Müller, eds. Heinz von Foerster & the Biological Computer Laboratory 2007 A beautifully done hardbound book Chapters online /cybernetics  
The Unknown: an Anthology Authors Unknown The red herring of the award-winning hypertext novel 1998-2002 A book of poetry & fiction The Great American Hypertext Novel unknown
Many readers got to drink with the writers around the turn of the millennium
Disc Golf Tour. The Unknown: Disc Golf Tour   Disc Golf Course Reviews 2002-?   HTML /discgolftour Go throw
  Theory of the Unknown William Gillespie Literary Criticism and Theory 1995-?   HTML /theory Read a book
Canada wins the Oulipcs         /oulipics  

Sure Do Wish You’d Get Ye One of These Here Taters

On Cormac McCarthy’s Suttree 1997   HTML /theory
Indices to the novel
The Beer underneath all this Metafictional Foam: Metaphor in Book Reviews of Infinite Jest   1996   HTML /theory
The War Prayer. The War Prayer Mark Twain Story about current events 1905 A postcard

PDF, HTML, Flash

Think & act
William Gillespie's Home Page. William Page William Gillespie and heteronyms The publisher's home page 1998-   HTML /william Understand the man
Word Work. The Whole University Catalog Heinz von Foerster and his students An authentic zine and time capsule expressing the spirit of college life in 1969 1969 Very rare PDF /whole
Take drugs, listen to the Beatles, and do engineering equations
Word Work. Wordwork   An electronic literature laboratory 1999 Over it HTML word
Does dynamic count as interactive? Does multisequential?


Associated Poets (AP)

Poetry about events in the news 1996-2005     www. newspoetry .com Write it
  Primer Newspoetry ABCs 1999   CGI   Recreate the day's headlines in a newspoem
...and you arrive with your psychoses Portrait of America 1999        
Chicken Soup for Your Corporate Ass Chicken Soup for your Corporate Ass Hypertext: moral nourishment for transnationals Newspoem 1999 /chickensoup HTML    
Dow Jones and Union Carbide to Merge Hypertext Newspoem 1999   HTML    
Khazak Launch Ban Threatens Mir Khazak Launch Ban Threatens Mir Concrete newspoetry Newspoem 1999   JPG    
The Mayor of the Moon The Mayor of the Moon is Interested in Development   1999        
The Wordwork Witch Project Newspoetry Witch Project Hypertext 1999  
OMNIFESTO Omnifesto Electronic literature manifesto 1999   JPG /omnifesto  
Sequence Sequence Poetry slideshow 1999   Push /sequence Automated
Tinyman for President Tinyman for President Hypertext 2000        
Qu'est-ce que c'est que ca?
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