Electronic Literature


Cartoon by Dave King.


I don't like reading off the screen. I want print.

I like reading off the screen but not the internet. I want electronic literature that I can put on my hard drive and also on my bookshelf.

I am interested in reading works of electronic literature for free online.

I am interested in how one might translate a book of experimental poetry into an electronic environment. I am even more interested in how one might translate an electronic work of poetry or fiction into print.

Specifically, I am interested in writing that requires an electronic environment to do things that would be impossible on the page. Or would be prohibitively expensive on the page. In other words, I am over the book, and new media interests me primarily personally or professionally.

Well I have to disagree with that. It is the words and what they seem to mean—good writing—that is at the core of any literary endeavor irrespective of media.

I am inclined to agree with the sentence above and would go even further and say that I think writing has a social function—that is, rather than merely advance an author's career or theoretical idea, writing can make the world better.



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