Eclectic Seizure, since its first ventures into radio theater, has been about the happy accident. Is it a happy accident that Eclectic Seizure fell on September 11th, 2002? The radio station's programming committee had already deemed the day to be dedicated to memorial programming, and I was given the choice of programming my own memorial or having one programmed for me.

Using email lists, I invited people to call me and leave poems on my answering machine. Some people sent me texts. And some people (Kurt & Joe) even did their own audio production. The result is a mosaic of alternatives from the dominant narrative in which grief and shock and horror are translated into an escalation of violence by strangling the language until it can only whisper "you are either with Bush or you are with the terrorists."

-William Gillespie


Writers on 11 September 2002:
Raymond Federman, Joe Futrelle, Kurt Heintz, Dirk Stratton, Chandra Vega