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A new vision of the world in the light of the unforgivable & unforgettable enormities committed during the last century
requires a new way of giving meaning with words to that new vision of the world

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books with spines title who what when print electronic interactivity
11,112,006,825,558,016 Sonnets 11, 112, 006, 825, 558, 016 Sonnets William Gillespie & William Shakespeare 11, 112, 006, 825, 558, 016 Sonnets 1999 After Queneau's CGI Dynamic
20 Consonant Poetry. 20-Consonant Poetry You A form of serial poetry, based on 12-tone music 1993-? Has to happen

Poetry + Art


Jade Quill
The Ed Report The Ed Report Ed Commission Serial fiction for the Web 2000 Probably illegal HTML
The Executor, by William Gillespie and Nick Montfort. The Executor William Gillespie and Nick Montfort Kinetic fiction 2005   Javascript (recommended)Java / Processing  
The Story of the Sparrow. Federman Collection Raymond Federman Folk tale 2002 The Story of the Sparrow: limited edition of 26 copies signed by Federman The Federman Collection Listen to Federman


Ernest Vincent Wright A Novel of Over 50,000 Words Without the Letter "E" 1939 Happened once, will happen again HTML Write a lipogram
Letter to Linus Letter to Linus William Gillespie A hypercube 2001   HTML  
Experiments Bernadette Mayer Writing experiments timeless   HTML, MP3 Write
The McCaffery Collection, by Larry. McCaffery Archive Larry McCaffery Avant-Criticism Canonical, baby, timeless Old school HTML Borrego
Keeler. Mechanics and Kinematics of Web-Work Plot Construction Harry Stephen Keeler Writing Manual for Web-Work Fiction 1928 Appeared in print in 1928 HTML Learn to write unpublishable fiction
  Oblique Strategies Brian Eno Artistic prompts ?   CGI Compose
Los Poetas y el General Edited by Eva Goldschmidt Wyman Poems by Chileans living under Pinochet 2002 LOM Ediciones, 2002. ISBN: 956-282-491-8 Poems by Fernando Alegría, Oscar Hahn, David Valjalo. Know history
Table of Forms Table of Forms William Gillespie A collection of literary forms 1996- Blue paperback and hardback HTML Write
Trade Names. Trade Names William Gillespie, Nick Montfort A strip book, homage to Queneau 2002 Limited signed edition of 58 copies HTML Arguably
The Unknown: an Anthology Authors Unknown The red herring of the award-winning hypertext novel 1998-2002 A book of poetry & fiction The Great American Hypertext Novel Many readers got to drink with the writers around the turn of the millennium
Theory. Theory of the Unknown William Gillespie Literary Criticism and Theory 1995-?   HTML Read a book



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