S P I N E L E S S  B O O K S

Twenty Consonant Radio

Written entirely in Twenty Consonant Poetry, performed, produced, and broadcast in the twilight of the 20th Century by Rick Burkhardt, Richard Wellington Burkhardt II, Adam Cain, Bethany Cooper, Mark Enslin, Genevieve Futrelle, Joe Futrelle, William Gillespie, Keith Johnson, Spam Markewich, and Jim Zimmerman, for Eclectic Seizure, a radio show.

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20-Consonant Funk Song Adam Cain and Jim Zimmerman 3:00 3 MB
Albuquerque Blues Rick Burkhardt: music; Mark Enslin, poem 1:41 2.33 MB
Bed Down On A Nono Rick Burkhardt: music; Keith Johnson, poem 2:29 3.43 MB
Call Me Yep Rick Burkhardt: music; Brendan Holloway, poem :56 1.30 MB
Exit the Quagga Chip Burkhardt: poem; Genevieve Futrelle: performance :53 1.21MB
I Am A Man Bethany Cooper 1:26 2 MB
Kidnapper's Axe Motives William Gillespie: poem; Genevieve Futrelle: performance 1:23 1.90
Max & Jake Rick Burkhardt :40 .963 MB
Pay Your Rates Joe Futrelle 1:39 2.27 MB
Quadruple Jeff Beck Bethany Cooper :23 .542 MB
Quite Texas Joe Futrelle 1:08 1.57 MB
Steve & Jake (Alphabetic) Joe Futrelle :12 .292 MB
Talk Radio Rick Burkhardt 1:26 1.98 MB
Zen Of Table Service William Gillespie 1:23 1.90 MB
Theme From Zooey Jacques Pam Adam Cain, inspiration from Sam Markewich 1:26 1.98 MB