Four-dimensional textual mapping.

Federman’s masterful and economical utilization of strange loops, mise-en-abime, and other metafictionalist maneuvers will be received by readers versed in writing of this type with a smile of familiarity and a nod of admiration. Like Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino, Federman has internalized this type of writing to the point where the use of innovative and challenging narrative techniques such as metalepsis and hypodiegesis never seems contrived. –Jeffrey R. di Leo

The Federman Collection

Story of the Sparrow



good day

Unknown Collaboration

Don™t Be Afraid

What's with the war-mongering in america?

Interview with Godot

Gaston, the Rejected Editor

mon tour-menteur—[my tor-mentor]

Textes par Alain Frontier /
Translations by Raymond Federman

Federman leaves answering machine message about 9/11/2002 (MP3)

Poetry Federman demanded I publish immediately
Fears, by Jan Pettit
Personal correspondence published here without permission

Memo to Federman

McCaffery on Federman

I d:dr't lnow E~,n,~lish!

RE—Double or Nothing

Sparrow. Godot. mon tour-menteur—[my tor-mentor] Frontier. Gaston.


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