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This text is absolutely beautiful; I've bounced back and forth in the hypertext version - it reads like a shudder/shutter - energy full of Berrigan/Padgett meanderings years ago but held to fixed skeleton; it's the sustained/sustenance intensity of it & all that energy! - Alan Sondheim

Summer 2003: 2002 review in Review of Contemporary Fiction Vol. XXIII, no. 2

19 December 2002: An article called Sense Espinada, by Marius Serra, appeared in Avui, a Barcelona paper (HTML, PDF)

9 December 2002: 2002 and other palindromes on WIXY FM 100.3

6 December 2002: the cover of 2002 was on the front page of the News-Gazette. “Backward and Forward,” by Greg Kline. The second time William has been mistakenly described in a newspaper article as a “professor.”

2002 was shown in Brazil at FILE

2002 was reviewed in the St. Marks Poetry Project Newsletter in New York

2002 appeared on Sidetracks, WILL AM 580

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