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2002: A Palindrome Story
This applet is written in Java 2 SE 1.3 using Swing and requries the appropriate Java-enabled browser in order to run.Your browser might support an older or nonstandard version of Java.Users of recent browsers can install theStandard Edition Sun Java plug-in.
By Nick Montfort and William Gillespie
Reifier 0.7 runs on Swing-enabled browsers with Java 1.3. It has been tested and runs on:
Mac OS X.1, Internet Explorer 5.1
Mac OS X.1, Mozilla 1.0 RC3 with MRJ Plugin
Windows 2000, Internet Explorer 5.0
Windows 98 SE, Netscape Navigator 6.2 with Sun's Java Plugin
Windows ME 4.9, Internet Explorer 5.5 with Sun's Java Plugin
You can download Sun's Java Plugin if you lack it.

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