Drawn Inward.

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“Is this marriage of poetry with letter engineering the creation of a wordstruck genius or the ravings of a deranged mind?”—Richard Lederer

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Verse in Reverse
review by Alan Sondheim

Drawn Inward, and Other Poems
by Mike Maguire

ISBN 0-9724244-3-1. First Spineless Edition, 2004. 9 x 6 inches. Perfect-bound. 49 pages. Distributed by Ingram. Designed by Nick Montfort.

Drawn Inward comprises four sections:

Word Palindromes, in which the words of each poem run in the same sequence backwards as they do forwards;

Charades (or Redividers), in which each poem is spelled the same as the one next to it;

Palindromes, in which the letters of each poem run in the same sequence backwards as they do forwards;

and Poems about Trains.

Below are some examples of Maguire's work not included in the book Drawn Inward.


"To lay aside life"

Embargo Grab Me

Sun I Saw Was In Us

Word Palindromes

Red, Shimmering Red


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