The Unknown: The Red Line.
  On the airplane to France I listened to a man talk. He was a tall stooped man with wet-looking gray hair that spiraled in tight natural curls past his ears. His face was pleasant. He had broad lips and clean-shaven unwrinkled tan cheeks. On my way to the toilet he looked at me; his eyes were remote and kind and blue. When he talked his neck was bent forward and his fuzzy eyebrows furrowed over the straight top rim of his glasses.
I maintain a high interest in capitalism because it is vibrant and that has been specifically proven . . .
His voice came in and out of my ears.
. . . relevant and the points you made particularly . . . modus operandi to reconstruct . . . and the understanding and visualization of the, of the, of the thought and how does it expose itself to, but how does it ah, ah, ah relate to, uhm, ah, other European literature . . .
His subject was never clear to me; but I imagined him as somebody who thought important ideas, at least at first. He seemed, somehow, a lonely man, and I wondered what he would do in Paris. I wasn’t sure if I should feel glad or sad for the passenger he spoke to. The hangover I was recovering from, was trying to sleep off kept me increasing my desire to intercede. Because I really, in some simple way, wished to gain more insight into his mind. His words were so peculiar.
Well no not presently. I pretty much have to isolate so many things to my world and the world about me at the present time . . . a general focus, my particular life has had an extremely broad spectrum of interests . . .
It was, how do you say, a kind of inelegant prose, the constituent parts of which, I thought, formed a poetry. Something I was sure William would understand.
There’s a breakdown in the understanding of contemporarism . . .
Indeed, it occurred to me he might be famous. It was as if, in what I didn’t hear, the subject of apocalyptic fears, millennial violence, and political discord rested. But he never quite explained what he thought about these things, or I never did quite hear his explanation, my sleeping pills may have worked too quickly, I may have been away from my mind.
We have certain language terms that are effective . . . sometimes I use two words in explanation of something. . . . Example, referring to last night, when I asked a couple of questions they were unknowledgeable and they could not express sensibly an answer to any question. They were totally devoid of information on the subject . . .
When we disembarked I felt much better and thought to look for the gentleman in Customs or else at the luggage wheel, but he was nowhere.

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