A Kite



i take a kite.

i eat teak. i ate a tie. i tie it.
i tie it tite. eat kake, tike. kittie kat: attak!

Skate-taken Satie knits batik kites
Keats takes steak

neato tiara waste feast taste yeast paste tease latex attic freak tails
bleak tales sneak bleat quite leaky wheat write thank think brake
great break caked knead stick teach thick Latin patio flake stack
liked spite alike lakes liken kinda

walks quake talks drink dials smile quack tells jokes sweet snail
seals quail keels koala spank bread rises nicer blank newts blink
leave alone again right learn share plink amber slime flies spoke
otter nests slack plank lacks slick class Tokyo togas flute fleet
ripen other clean shirt goats tonic notes piece sleek brick stove
nails files scale peace brink

flock kooky clock spunk locks lucky rocky mucky smock frock
grabs madly hangs happy spans sadly masks plans angry snaps
tolls slots touch tongs loots sooty truth toots stuns tummy boost
stood stool roost tools shuts dusty stuck musty stuff

Willi rings sighs lions bliss lisps silly twigs birds sings

phone never hello house froze honey sleep peels level ruler lower
reels feels flove loser helps poems spend money mends fever under
seven blend every lemon berry melon feeds needy

moods downs loony goofy gummy bulbs scuff roofs sorry

winter tide kisses create beauty
like ice letter that forget the nice come this let have please
design friend air want with nice gentle mice ginger
look I love am a dork over send me is not miss well will ever see
hope lonely feel in did we stop to Urbana spring summer warm
pollen breeze sneeze cats
cold now such you so why of us school good



number poem
progressive poetics
typographic poetics

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Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn
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