Table of Forms—Typographic Poetics

Typographic poetics refers to poetic forms based on the spellings of words. Typographic poetics is poetry written following constraints specifying which or how many letters must or may not be used. Well known examples include the anagram, the palindrome, the lipogram, univocalic, and the pangram. Newer forms include 20 consonant poetry, six vowel poetry, homograms and heterograms, number poetry, the transgram, and conovowel poetry.

Variations on the New York Times: Grdelica (Newspoem 4 May 1999) was written by extracting all the words with three consonants in a row (consonant trigrams) from an article in the New York Times.

Variations on the New York Times: Stab Here (Newspoem 8 June 1999) is derived from an article in the New York Times by extracting all implied words (words formed from the end of one word (new) and the beginning of (go) the next word) and embedded words (words (or) buried inside (id) longer words) from a newspaper article.

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