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Programming Schedule 2002

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jan 2 Newspoetry: 2001 in Review

jan 16 Maria Silva and William Gillespie Play Beautiful Music and Read Beautiful Poetry in Spanish and English

jan 30 Warren Burt. "Smooth Jazz."

feb 13 Valentine's Day our way, with Maria Silva

feb 27 Songs in descending order of length

mar 13 Women's History Month Week, with hostess Xenan Kredechie

mar27 McSweeny's 6: McSweeney's vs. They Might be Giants, in anticipation of Eggers' visit

april 10 Oh shit is it a pledge drive? Luckily, my man Warren Burt is there to talk about independent radio in Melbourne and engage with me in improvisational music of severely dubious commercial potential.

april 24 Michael Holloway's poetry class at the School for Designing a Society

may 8 Whoops!

may 22 Sugarplastic & electronic music

jun 5 Serious Folking Music with Paul Kotheimer

jun 19 Samuel Beckett & the Firesign Theatre

jul 3 Interview with Unknown Cincinnati Poet Dirk Stratton

jul 17 Interview with Nick Montfort, co-author of 2002 and author of The Help File

jul 31 Donald Barthelme

aug 14 Collage Techniques

aug 28 The Chamber Music of Rick Burkhardt

sep 11 September 11 w/Prince Myshkins

sep 25 Tom Cora R.I.P.

oct 9 Pledge Retrospective

oct 23 Fred Frith

nov 6 Prince Myshkins

nov 20 White Noise White Heat, by Larry McCaffery

dec 4 Instructional Music featuring Sesame Street sings the Alphabet, Schoolhouse Rock, Nature Songs, & Lou & Peter Berryman.

dec 18 History of Twelve-Tone with Rick Burkhardt & Mark Enslin: Schoenberg, Webern, Adorno, Haydn

dec 24 Malcolm X-Mas with William S. Burroughs, Funkadelic, and Bongwater

dec 25 History of Electronic Music with Rick Burkhardt & Mark Enslin: Messaien, Varese, Brün, Ligeti, Cepstral, Futrelle, DeFotis, Roxy Music, & Devo.

jan 1 Eclectic Guy's 33 1/3rd Birthday! VINYLGASM.

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