It is almost closing time. Then I will politely expell this fool. This college-trained Marxist with his unanchored ideals floating above his head like helium balloons.

Orange helium balloons.

The poison has made its way into that one tonight. It speaks for his poor stupid mouth. He has turned an unsatisfactory job into a cause. If he gave a rat's ass, he would do something more than grouse at closing time as he dented his head so that he might awaken early and amnesiac.

Lousy film school dropout.

What more would he do? He would blow up the factory. Kick the poison right in its money.

  the Bartender serves up Melancholy Hour the Bartender serves Happy Hour putting it to bed the News: evening edition the News: morning edition the Secretary and the Administrator discuss a private matter pertaining to a possible problem the Secretary has a doctors appointment the Secretary does research on the Internet the Administrator stays at work late the Administrator goes to work about dawn the Administrator lies awake all night the Janitor gets drunk at night the Janitor goes to work in the afternoon the Janitor gets up in the morning Werd falls asleep at night Werd gets drunk in the evening Werd goes to work in the morning