Hey you.

Come closer.

See this?

Know what that is?

That's a great set of tits.

C'mon, don't act so shocked. This is a fucking bar.

This is a photograph of the chest of a victim of breast implants. Where these scars now are. The dying victims were forced to settle out of court when it became clear that Dow Corning, the manufacturer of the implants, would be able to drag the court case out for longer than the victims expected to live.

Dow Corning is a subsidiary of Dow. Which has just merged with Union Carbide.

Have you seen this?

This is a photo of a Union Carbide factory in Bhopal India. It's abandoned and boarded up and covered with graffiti. In 1984 it released a cloud of poison gas into the air killing 3000 and injuring tens of thousands. The area is poisonous to this day. It is one of the worst poisonings in history.

Surely you have seen this picture before:

It is a picture of Vietnamese people running away from a Napalm attack.

This photo was the beginning of the end for war correspondence. It brought the reality of Vietnam home. Years later the girl in the center of the photo would make an American plastic surgeon famous. As if the damage of the war was thus undone.

Napalm was manufactured by Dow Chemical, who also, in cooperation with Monsanto, manufactured Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used against the Vietnamese as a defoliant, but is most remembered for poisoning the American soldiers who handled it.

Look at her.

Her face is incredible.

Still, it is not enough to help you feel the pain of having your skin burn off because of chemicals dropped from the sky.

Dow Chemical is the number two chemical corporation in the world.

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Wednesday, September First, 1999.

Dow and Union Carbide to Merge.




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