Uni High Spring 1995

A is for Andy, who could hardly stand me.
B is for Batting venetian Blinds, Bored.
C is for Cindy, who found me too windy.
D is for David and Dorothy a Dored.

E is for Everyone who came to class.
F is for Everyone who didn't pass.
G is for Grading, that practice obscene.
H is for Hannah, to whom I was mean.

I's are for seeing, for reading and writing,
with Intellect, Interest, and adequate lighting.
J is for Joyce, for James, and for Jack.
K is for Jack, that is, Jack Kerouac.

L is for Lewis, Lewis for Carroll,
from whom I carelessly stole this whole poem.
M is for Morgan whose first name is Dylan.
N is for No one--a blank you can fill in.
O is for Orwell, P is for Poe, and
also for Peter and Pencil and Peril.

Q's are for actresses and billiard tables
R is for Robin, Rabbit and Raygun.
S is for Science, also for Sagan.
T is for Teaching you, which U enables.

V is for V I E, W too.
X was for Xylanthrax, in darker times.
Y is for Young and for Yahoo and You.
Z ever Zutshi, with whom little rhymez.

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