Rotary Torsion Wrench is Dead.
(Eulogy After a Departed Gerbil)

After the coroner left in the hearse
Morticians solemnly told them the worst
It may have been hunger it could have been thirst

Two hundred experts all drew up some graphs
None of them speaks although one of them laughs
After the slideshow they organized staffs

Lawyers came each with a cellular phone
Brokers connived to finagle a loan
Masons arrived with sarcophagus stone

Carpenters came with a giant brass band
All decked in waistcoats with collars quite grand
Each with assistants to hold up their stand

Orations given by Mozart and Bach
Birds in the audience murmured by flock
Hummingbirds hummed while the mockingbirds mocked

Good J.Sebastian politely cajoled
Told them that cats loved birds madly when polled
Served with fresh lemon and perfectly cold

Stirring the anger of birds who then swooped
Down from the rafters and circled and looped
Johann Sebastian hissed spittle and drooped

Black Amadeus performed a chorale
After this tasteful but short musicale
Mozart and Bach clashed their steins in morale

Saws were engaged and the coffin was built
Long and elliptical tall and on stilts
Tapestries billow and lavender wilts

Rotary Torsion was nailed inside
Smelling of lemon and insecticide
Painters arrived and the paint was applied

Jewelers inlaid the fine casket with pearl
From it blue banners began to unfurl
Flapping in arcs and in waves and in curls

Two dozen plumbers all gathered beneath
Fastened the joints on a castiron wreath
Jean le Necre was bejeweled and bequeathed

Sculptors then added the finishing touch
Though some declared it a little too much
Most thought the sculptors intended it such

With an amused but a genuine sigh
In his death agony with his last cry
Rotor chose burial under the sky

Jean filled balloons from a helium hose
Bach affixed strings which grew taut as they rose
Lifting the casket to Heaven I suppose

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