Keeping the Work Invisible


Once you are gone we vacuum the floors
Curse nursing burns behind steel doors
Throwing away what's left of your portion
Keeping the work invisible.

Expedite work from drawer to floor
Keep your appointments outside your door
Stubbornly poor we polish your fortune
Keeping the work invisible.

And you'll never ask because
We'll never let you
You won't anticipate
What we'll next get you
Offered quite gently so
Not to upset you
We'll do the work so that
You won't regret you.

(Before I undress the rest on your bedroom floors
My spermicide I apply behind bathroom doors
Apply it to mine though it applies more to yours
I'll roll on your condom you ignore my abortion
Which has kept certain work invisible.)

Keeping the work invisible.

Keeping the work indivisible.

Keeping the work invisible: yours.


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© 1996-2006
Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn
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