In Harvard Yard I Sawr a Stah


so i parked my car in harvard square and walked to the shopping mall. i saw audrey in the carpet store. she was walking her dog and her dog spot made a spot on some mauve wall to wall carpeting. paul was appalled. he said if she didn't buy all fortyfour yards he would bop her on the jaw. it was awful. she said sorry. so we went to the coffeeshop and we each got a large coffee. and a garden salad with olives, artichoke hearts, sausage and parsley. i dropped my fork on the floor. the maitre'd came over and i apologized a lot. so we went to play golf. there were fourteen holes in all. and four ponds. we rented a golfcart and drove it all over. it was marvelous. i scored four under par. so we went to the bar and audrey bought me a bottle of sharps. normally i only drink water. my body can't tolerate alcohol but i adore the carbonation and the flavor of fermented hops. audrey had a margarita. we saw laura there. she had just brought don in from baldwin new york. she was drinking a tom collins in a tall glass. we talked politics for hours. until four. laura told us about the time her condo on long island got robbed. then it was time for her seminar. and i was on call at the hospital in a quarter hour. audrey said it was alright, solitude was tolerable. so we all walked to my car. so then i realized it was fathers day. i forgot. i'm my father's favorite daughter so i went to a shop and bought a hallmark card for a dollar and a quarter. it had a drawing of garfield and an envelope. so i went home to shower, wash and floss. then i did laundry. i washed a load of scarves with warm water and clorox. i was out of coughdrops so i had a lozenge. so i needed some swampwater for my bong so i walked down to the bog and saw a frog sitting on a log. i thought it was a polligog. so i thought: we have four days before the performance. we should start rehearsing. i bought all the props and costumes from the costume and prop shop.

boston is awesome.


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