Dear and,


How or what are you doing? Are either or both of you in school or working? How is or are the weather and or or people there? Why are or are you leaving Massachusetts? Are you or not writing? Why aren't or what are you? When will and what if I ever see you again? I am pretty self-reliant and or or absorbed. I am usually writing or writing. Are or will you? I miss or -ed those days last summer when the two or three of us used to sit and smoke and drink in the yard and boredom and heat and best interests of nobody until the distant church bell chimed midnight or the beer ran out or we finished your cigarettes or ran out of things to say or found ourselves staring into the shadows of the trees, with nothing or something we didn't know how to say to say.

I don't know when or why I'll be in Amherst again or you'll be in Illinois again. Hopefully we'll see or conspire or engage with a typewriter or each other or interesting people soon.

My fondest sentiments or dutiful correspondence or love,


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