Conjecture and Proposition


So my husband comes first and the marriage after.
But my husband stays between.
Nor does he admit what lurks beneath.
And the marriage can't give me up.
Or I will let it down.
So I propose that I spend some time alone with my relationship with the marriage and discuss what lurks below.
But my husband gets nervous and doesn't want his relationship with my relationship with the marriage to change or exclude him or be over.
Nor does he want to admit what lurks below the ground he stands upon.
And whenever he goes away for two weeks and leaves me alone with the marriage and I retile and wash and wax the floor and am happy it's funny how he only misses me when I don't miss him and point it out.
Or even when I just try to take a day off.

So my marriage and I are running away from my husband together.

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