Table of Forms—The Sestina

The sestina can also be considered a phonetic form as the form specifies a metric structure in addition to the order of words that end lines. It is also possible to write a rhyming sestina within the form, although this will heighten the redundancy of a form that is already likely to seem repetitious.

Metasestina: a micro-sestina. This is a sestina whose pattern of repeated words are condensed such that it goes through six words in one line, rather than in one six-line stanza. The repeated words are thus not line-ends, although each word ends the line once.

Metasestina 2: a sestina which does not use a metric structure but which repeats line middles in counterpoint to line-ends.

Metasestina 3: a sestina about sestinas using common prepositions for its end-words.

Serious Problems (Newspoem 4 April 1998)

Villatinaku: a sestina that is also a pantoum and villanelle.

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