Rishi Talks To His Counselor


sir can i talk to you?

rishi! seek comfortable reclination!

thank you. how come i came to see you was i have some doubts for next year. i don't think i want to go to school. i want to take a year off to read and write.

college applications are tedious
however your future security
is contingent upon academics.
your magnificent resume remains
insufficient without a bachelors.
presumably you desire salaried
professorship position someday yes
however vacationing in europe
is recommended. travelling abroad
makes very impressive applications.
to admissions judges vacationing
demonstrates your parents prosperity...

i want to work and write next year, and live here in town. I want to write a book.

certainly you desire publication
however there's vicious competition...

i just want to write the book. i don't care if it gets in print.

you shouldn't consider literature.
concentrate: your debate tomorrow.
listen, you innocent idealist-
participate in creative writing
the experiment workshop afternoon
seminar in southsoutheastern attic.

syllable poetry

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