for auxanciliary credit write a poem using portmantwords.

"portmantword" is a combination of the words "word" and "portmantwo" which is a combination of the word "two" and "portmanteau."

the term "portmanteau word" is from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

it refers to a word which contains parts of at least two other words.

the poet will write a poem in which every other word is a portmanteau word.for fin inconsequential credential credit edith.

the hep poet bet begins win with the a up poem more or poor paragraph.

it tist is spus up toop to thoot the puh poet tweth whether thert to tooz use snoo an nexist existing tur word wordor or ruh a aportmant portmantword. in thith this thex example plash rishi shill falls slalls asleep sleen in nem chemistry treel class.


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