My Gauloises
(a six vowel fury)


oh, limp chrysanthemum
um... phrygian mode?
try quasi-neo
laughing poetry
beauty oil?
try Sports Illustrated
hey, Lutoslawski!
don't mock mass sterility: trust us
psychological dude
scuba longevity
may constitute
lucid party favors
kill all funny oboes
skunkfat is poetry
in, pachyderm, out
his bunny shat on me
my question mark
suddenly I moan
my momma must miss me
ouch! a pyramid scheme
gee, my salt lick's sour
dysfunctional elk
iron a butterfly
GE: we bring good soot to Uruguay
heiroglyph snafu
blue oyster caulk
foul dyslexia
bleu cheese dressing is salad's joy
arhythmic flute solo
buy pyrite: a fool's gold
psychopathic mule
murdering that python
funny Aristotle
water till soupy
any old ennui
luckily: romance
mass sterility or bust


six vowel
serial poetry


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Table of Forms
© 1996-2006
Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn
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