by Tom Grothus, 1984.
24 pages, side-stapled paperback.
Size = 4.75" wide x 3.5" high. Weight = 0.9 oz.
Retail price = $3.40.


Errata contains 24 pages of the pen-and-ink drawings, plus assorted captions and aphorisms. Tangential from main-stream panel cartoons, the point of many of these drawings is as much about the conventions of graphical language as about human folly. The pages are printed in black ink on white 20-pound bond paper - the type of paper used in copy machines at your corner quick-print shop. But the lithographic ink used is more permanent than the toner used in electrostatic processes. The 2-color cover, on cover stock, is also offset lithography. This book is nearly out of print. Fewer than 100 copies are left.

Editor's Note: In this "cereal box without the cereal," the nonsequitur is elevated to an art form on a par with the bagatelle. Each page opens onto a world both unreal and strangely familiar, whimsical and irreperably thought-provoking. Exceptionally well-done, although the use of the typewriter provides a ragged charm.

Tom Grothus
Three hands.

Invisible Seattle
Eye am your telephone dial.

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