Tom Grothus
Three hands.

Invisible Seattle
Eye am your telephone dial.

Spineless Books.

The Bermuda Love-Triangle


On the Road to Detour


Arrangement for Scrap Metal

An artist whose work emerges from the contested borderlands between comedy and philosophy, cartooning and poetry, linguistics and public relations, Tom Grothus is little-known.

Most of his work takes the form of small books. Think of a stack of two dozen index cards, or a sheet of notebook paper folded into eighths - with notes jotted on them, a clever sketch you made while waiting for the bus, tucked away in your pocket. With a little refinement they are one of Tom's books.

Characteristic features of his books are an understated wit; a fascination for language (especially graphical language); an interplay between the verbal and the visual; a concern about Power; and disintegrating bodies.

These books can't be pigeon-holed for the mass market, which is why they're only available through Spineless Books. Please look through the samples below for an idea of what we're talking about.


Books by Tom Grothus.

Tom Grothus