Dear Joey, I jot this in Mexico. I love you. I quake, gaze, weep, fib / Do you recognize me, jealous ex? I bequeath a view of a peak / Up. A quite jagged horizon - no way back - exiles me off five / You speak, agog, of awe. A Mexican equatorial haze above jade. / I, Maz Quill, am having a cozy, jaded breakfast. I weep. / I exist awful, alone in my gazebo. Cave. Opaque joker hid./ Quoth hobo Joey Zoey: "I lie awake dreaming up five excuses" / (I know a quip) Joey Zoey used to live here, a magic fox boy.../ Zoey moved when I quit Toxico. A big spark of full joy./ for Max Quill, but Joey Zoey? Sucked! When I gave up / my Toxico job, Zoey squirreled away a knife. He gave up, / quit sex, love, joy, a maze of odd change. We broke up. / Voodoo Jazz Saxophone, quietly wreck me. I beg of you. / JZ blew his sax every day. A fact. I'm opaque, quaking. / Now I do groove to Miles. JZ, you fake quiche. Apex boy. / Guff. Vexed Joey we won't make a squeal, buzz, chirp / Exquisite jazz, you made a wave of belching pork./ Enrique, you fucked me, stole away jazz, pave a big hoax/ off a wave. Enough about Enrique. I dump you, lazy sex jockey / Praxis solid, quaky, we meant to efface jazz above a hug./ Gee gee! Now I bet he’d like my fave: square jazz! Icy Apex! / Ah! My fave tape! Radio box squawking jazz. Cool! / Okay! Ho! …Except the Swinedog Five: a vile jazz boob quorum! / Okay, jazz squad, blow a tune. cough proof of vavoom moxie. / Love, examine a fizzy jig, a wretched pub squeak. / Excoriate a fake oboe, squalid jazz, you who gave up on me. / A bonzo quartet jammed a few - excessive happy polka gig. / I shouldn't be jumpy... Quick! Gaze off! Fax a review! / Now I speak to Joey Zoey. I quarrel. I chafe. I give. Dumb ox. / If Zooey Lost it... The Japan-Quebec war vexed my geek. / A.. Atomic X-ray weapon quelled JZ of... sigh... a Haiku Above.  /


[ this novel-in-progress is pangrammatic - every line contains the entire alphabet ]