Word Museum, written by William Gillespie, and programmed by Jason Rodriguez and David Dao, is an immersive virtual reality installation implemented twice at the Brown University CAVE. Word Museum begins with concrete poetry, adding a third dimension, sound, and scalability. The design challenge is to integrate text in a three dimensional space such that it remains legible from every angle.


Programmed by Jason Rodriguez



Programmed by David Dao



"I avow a myth you hoax" is a horizontally-symmetric text set vertically, rotating horizontally. In the background are SOS and pod, rotating two-dimensional poems.

BAN POT is a cluster of alphabet blocks, which can be strippped away to create new configurations of letters, almost every possible configuration being an English word.

BODICE-BEDECKED OHIO BIKE CHICK is a rotating poem composed of vertically-symmetric lines that can be read in either order

Letter to Linus is a hypercube, a combinatoric multisequential revolutionary poem. The full text may be read online.

WOW/MOM is horizontally and vertically-symmetric, a poem that is legible from any angle.

The vertically-symmetric word ID emerges from beneath the floor.

MOTH TOM, I MIX A MAXIM is a horizontally-symmetric palindrome set as a rotating halo.

Here is David Dao proofreading our signature: the rotating initials DD and WM.