August 21

Triumph! I’ve learned that Duchamp himself authorized everything I’ve been doing: “In art, and only art, the original work is sold, and it acquires a sort of aura that way. But with my readymades a replica will do just as well.” Exactly! How many times does one have to read something to remember it. Discouraging. But in any case:


The Liberation shall go forward!



Mr. & Mrs. Hide: A NovelTable of Forms: Experimental Poetry.The Story That Teaches You How To Write It.Mars Needs Lunch.Steal Stuff From Work.Story of the Sparrow, by Raymond Federman.Drawn Inward: Palindrome Poetry.Joey Zoey.Letter to Lamont.Lost Citizen.Riddle & Bind, by Nick Montfort.2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words.Fourier Series, by Joshua art by Karen Green.

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