June 15

Initial sense of triumph was premature. I realized that my replica violated everything Marcel stood for. By meticulously recreating an exact copy of his original readymade I have been engaging in fine art, the very thing the readymades were designed to mock. What I meant as homage has become an insult to Marcel’s memory. My own pretensions have been turned against me. Liberation Day has been canceled.



Mr. & Mrs. Hide: A NovelTable of Forms: Experimental Poetry.The Story That Teaches You How To Write It.Mars Needs Lunch.Steal Stuff From Work.Story of the Sparrow, by Raymond Federman.Drawn Inward: Palindrome Poetry.Joey Zoey.Letter to Lamont.Lost Citizen.Riddle & Bind, by Nick Montfort.2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words.Fourier Series, by Joshua Corey.here/gone: art by Karen Green.

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