May 15

Calvin Tomkins writes that when WHN “was being exhibited in the Pasadena Museum in 1963, Duchamp authorized Walter Hopps to pull back the twine and look inside, so Hopps has become the only one in on the secret. Duchamp has never wanted to know.” I wonder if Hopps is still alive? If so, could he be convinced to reveal the hidden noise? Coerced? No no no no no no no. I’m losing focus. Must concentrate on the problem at hand, not create new ones.



Mr. & Mrs. Hide: A NovelTable of Forms: Experimental Poetry.The Story That Teaches You How To Write It.Mars Needs Lunch.Steal Stuff From Work.Story of the Sparrow, by Raymond Federman.Drawn Inward: Palindrome Poetry.Joey Zoey.Letter to Lamont.Lost Citizen.Riddle & Bind, by Nick Montfort.2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words.Fourier Series, by Joshua art by Karen Green.

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