Table of Forms—Combined Forms

The poems in Table of Forms aspire to having multiple simultaneous forms.

Villatinaku obeys the constraints of the villainelle, the sestina, and haiku.

A villaku is a combination villanelle / haiku.

A heimlich is a combination haiku / limerick, made possible through words whose precise syllable count is ambiguous. This form was proposed by Sigfried Gold.

A panick is a combination pantoum./ limerick. This form was proposed by Mark Enslin with the irresistible "Malaysian Prime Minister Elected Limerick Rose" (1999) at The thrill of this combination is that it doesn't quite work, as the limerick demands five-line stanzas and the pantoum demands four-line stanzas, and, as the pantoum's structure overrides and mutilates the limerick structure, the effect is quite ticklish, as the familiar cadences of the limerick strive to assert themselves. My example is Panick (1998).

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