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Ri: My favorite recipe.(cites a recipe) Red Alabama kale popover. A recipe for oregano, potato, tomato, Canada ham, avocado, basil, a lemon, a coconut, one can olive tuna, garam ...um... aha: masala! Banana, Kona gado-gado (so Aloha!), mayo, bacon...

Wi: (aside) Yuk! I hate tuna!

Ri: To make red Alabama kale popover: A. Set oven at one to five zero. Put eleven or a lot more red Alabama kales in an aluminum American amino pan or in any wok. Oh. Um, I have no kale. Got any?

Wi: I like no salad of any type. Not a bit. (apologetic) Uh, I had a bite nine minutes ago.

Ri: Lemonade? Got any soda? cola?

Wi: No beverage. (catatonic)



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