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listen: i'm danielle lakeland, celebrated pulitzer-laden nobel laureate. plug: lakeland novellas available. list sale label: eleven dollars. lucky little deal.


L-poems linger liltingly, like melodic lutes. allowing last glimpses along gilded alleyways. alliances loom large, subliminal alliteration lulls available listeners asleep.


ahem. i'm sam hammer. i'm mostly male and am unemployed. my most major manuscript may amaze most men. i'm mentioning my M magazine submission: my masculinity poem "smouldering hormonal foam." i'm famous. meet my mom.


my M-poem manuscriptures resemble mammoth laminated maps. amazing mazes mapping semantic kilometers. humid, muscular meat smothers wimps. pumping maximum metallic columns. ram M-poems home.


enough nonsense. name: ensign enslin. renowned novelist, lincoln nebraska native, naropa institute intern, in newspapers, on television, in cinema.. listen now.


N-poems announce anew an entrance into nothingness. existence meaningless, man woman and woman existential partners in bleakness, alienation shrouding insight blackening humankind infinitely; uneccesary television knowledge confusing human minds, no noticeable reason, no meaning, nothing. not even romance. nope. nothing, not even trendy nineties cynicism.


yours truly, renegade rick raccoon here. ready for rock or roll?


R-poems urging cry for resistance, renegades rebelliously rejoice, cheer fiery war cries rallying. triumphant brass shatters sunrise splintering shards sideways! realize your inner brat! revel, revere, rail, rage, rant ridiculous R-poems!


sagacious rishi. highschool senior. first poetry reading, perhaps worst.


S-poems send pompous writers sighing. published poets assume false splendor, pose singing as birds, sound as silly as clowns squeaking bulbous crimson noses. poems silently flourish, despite stupid writers. just as science flowers against academias worst efforts. tedious lectures assign simple solutions as asinine story problems. instructors stand as statuesque soldiers shouting orders. assist us as subservient enlisted troops. sit silently scrawling notes, sometimes raise hands, ask precise questions. stifle curiosity as professors stipulate student interest. whereas poets stagnant misery-saturated emotions spill syrupy sentimental sonnet stanzas. stop rasping stupid soliloquies.


katie the ethnopoetologist, intern at MIT. tonight's lecture touches historical authenticity about T-poems. afterwards exists time to take questions about it.


T-poems totally tear into pedantic diatribes. todd nott, the poet that time forgot, first thought about T-poems at the turn about the century. nott, the third anaesthetist to royalty, tried to attend the taxidermy lecture but couldn't. infected tonsils tightened todd's tender throat. today, timely action might prevent the tonsilectomy. but then, there existed not two physiologists. todd might try to get better without doctors. entertain the thought: to get rest without television? todd couldn't telephone the physiologist. articulation hurts the throat. todd must get silent. then todd meticulously constructs T-poetry.

to put it short: T-Poetry limits the attempt to theorize at length about semantic effect. pointedly factual with explicit detail, it relates just the skeletal information. the extraneous content cannot relate to the exact structure. most trite sentiments resist this inconvenient alphabetic criteria, thus they must stay hypothetical.

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