Poetry Class


[teacher is increasingly encouraging,
students are increasingly shy]

poetry teacher:
poor sam is a
shy poet i am
a fan of.make
sure you do a
nice ear to a
shy poet ok?a-
ok?sam read a
poem to a joy.

now let sam say his bit.
sam?can you?are you shy?
you are sam not shy,boy.


bi II:
my id.

it is an id.
it is.
is it as it is?
mm-hm;it is as it is.
if it is as an id is,
it is of id.
it is to is as is is to as.
it is an on id.
it is so.
so is he.
my id is my i.d...
so go on as if it is no id.
go on!

poetry teacher:
rick is quiet and
also timid so all
of you,class,give
him your smile to
ease his heart. so...

keep rapt.hear rick read,okay?
your turn,rick.read your poem.


tri III: shy one

you are sad.shy one,why are you sad?who did ask for you?you big red cat.her eye saw you run.now she has wed you.you wed her and him,not her and her,not him and him,not him,him,and her.not six men,nor one man.see,shy one?now you are sad but wed.cry not for she can see you.

poetry teacher:
now this third writer
has never read poetry
aloud and anyone that
laughs will cause her
trauma.thus all smile
listen and clap after.
her good story.agreed?

quiet class.ready katie?
stand erect,share every great short story of yours!


quad (four):dave with jane

dave cant jump very high,like rock down hill.dave runs very slow,like wind over corn.dave,flow down into deep seas like sand.dave felt tiny,wept over jane.dave went over into that jane home,rang bell.jane,open your door!
dave gave jane four lead pigs from peru.
more pigs,dave?jane asks,slow,dull.
dave nods:they make them with care from real cast iron.
hiss with spit from jane:lead,dave!they make them from lead!look.read this word here.lead.okay?
dave:okay,jane.jeez.look:calm down.

poetry teacher:
next enslin imparts words
exposes planar,naked soul.
dont stare.respect spaces
between auras.weep softly
vibrate gently when poets
channel energy from their
reality.enslin will share.

spread,winged genius!
reveal poetry!engage!dazzle!


quint fifth:

women busts stuff apart

women enter prose.women sweep aside tepid books about amore.women admit shame,write until prose,clean,heals.often typer,never lover,renew vigil alone.women enjoy chaos,order alike.seven level women never xerox every river.women upset every ruler,alter every comma.clear poems aside,start again.

poetry teacher:
lastly danielle reads genious
works exalting purity comfort
moreover human insight.gentle
poetess,overcome wisdom,share...

soulful monster,massive spirits possess through intense voyages.michael,quality writing student,dismiss shyness.explode!


sextet: afraid poetry

lonely person,beckon slowly.whence cometh reason?wisdom doubts beauty.fuming geyser exudes misery.flying upward icarus melted:splash!aplomb genius falter,fidget,sliver. beware fright,writer.scared poetic weenie cowers,unable.

poetry teacher:
i do find her poetry quite complex.
you each amaze me.elegant angels i
admire both as a student and giant.
applaud each other!yes!i am joyous!


number poetry
progressive poetry
serial poetry

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