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From the Editors’ Skulls

The Editor's Skull.


October Friday

Dirk Stratton

This is an “October Friday”: a brand new poem
honoring today’s date. (Look closely, here’s the first rhyme
word.) Just sound out the letters and you’ll know when it’s time
to carefully choose the words for this type of poem:
you will discover there are lots of chances to chime
because many letters of “October Friday” mime
each other. But that’s not all: notice, too, how this form

then asks you (perversely, perhaps) to use two words twice
as you delicately mine the poor ore of this form.
But by now, surely, you can finally comprehend
how to do this luckless task. No other rules to climb,
and any subject will do. Just follow the letters:
after 13 lines, October Fridays reach their end.




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