it is the abstract cafe where time slithers and fish drift. the veined vexed, pained & perplexed babysitter, in the twisted impatience of her inevitable biologic declination where each stimulus is a serrated steel knife grating the slate of the sensory chalkboard, is only able to drink her spoon, launch chapped sighs, and indulge in eyerolling overreactionary attempts to forcibly ignore young Paul and Suzy's incestuous jello temptations: the delicate inquisition: proddings. in the false egocentric empathy of childhood they can relate this experience to their still vaguely memorable shared womb experience. together they are learning the secrets of colloidal friction. the echoes of microscopic oxygen bubbles reverberate within the spiral cochleae of their eardrums. O! gentle cilium uncalloused by the deafening airport blare of the rock concerts they will within a decade be attending; Paul's earring and Suzy's fluorescent pink sweatshirt severed to reveal her midriff. although he is poorly drawn, Harvey is protected from a realization of his own inadequacies by a smirk, a shrug, and a smug lack of perceptive faculties in addition to an arrogant pretense of omniscience. his cigar burns releasing industrial toxins and slow ashen ribbons which trickle into the nostrils and lap of the miserable babysitter. carcinogens give her a headache. she is all dried mucous and lost geritol daydreams. under the table she clutches her purse tightly in her softly gloved left talon. unconsciously she is thinking precisely "it is about time to remove these surgical gloves in favor of a clean pair. a few dozen thorough handwashes never hurt as well. i have lysol scope and glade." she should recline into the luxurious accomplishments of her many years. her successful retention of virginity and now her advanced salary in the ritualistic herding of the twin sheep as opposed to her imagined destiny, a mother of nightmares, tedious hours spent in involuntary cohabitation with wailing embryonic blobs of thought. the flintstone syndrome with invisible symptoms. the oceans have evaporated leaving only their rubbery skins tacked to the sky.
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