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Mr. & Mrs. Hide

Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden


The authors are a textually active married couple.

Mr. & Mrs. Hide, by Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden. ISBN: 978-0-9801392-1-1. 5 by 6.75 inches. 204 pages. Perfect bound. 02-14-2009. $14.

A writing duo from an unnamed country immigrate to Los Angeles and have trouble assimilating Southern Californian American culture, and, at times, each other. All manner of strange sexual and textual activity leads, mazelike, to an astonishing climax. Mr. and Mrs. Hide is the first English-language book by the editors of admit2.net, a web journal dedicated to collaborative writing. Having sworn to always write as a team, the authors are completing a dissertation at Case Western Reserve on the history and practice of collaborative writing.

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READ An Overview of Issues of Truth, Fiction and Reality Based on the Example of the Novel “Mr. & Mrs. Hide” and Beyond by Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden.

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The news of _Mr. & Mrs. Hide_, the absorbing excerpt therefrom (which fills me with obscure and complex affect/s), the marvellous Grgorinic-Raden essay in admit2 the interview with Professor Estabrook; all have me thinking (once again) about collaboration.

I suspect that a collaborative _script_, inscription would need to amount to one telepathic i.e. non-linguistically linguistic (sic) _re'gime_, a _re'gime_ analogous to that of a love affair and/or an enacted nostalgia; in view of its being inscriptive then a contradictory unity of science and masochism. (That is unless it's to amount to a tiny pragmatism, an address necessarily (as) that of the most socially violent school system - something so far from my idea of inscription I'm conflictually on the edge of calling it obscene and something of which _prima facie_ I find no trace in or around _Mr. & Mrs. Hide_).

If this is right Ms Grgorinic and Mr Raden have - in view of their success _prima facie_ - raised an absolutely astonishing standard; displacing the attendant formational difficulties by committing to _writing_, managing the attendant affective difficulties - if the excerpt is to be mined - by contextualising this/these project/s in a social living (continually?) earthed of cathexis.

So what do we have here? one pre-/revolutionary _dyad_?! Eros beyond Thanatos, back to bodies, first language (sic) .... My model's expanding, there's no better feeling (ahem)!

Really they strike me as heroes of a kind. I'm trying not to mean that Romantically. Singularity vs. individuality I parse as intentionality vs. extrinsic phantasy, reality, onticity. There seems uniquely for my readings to be some textual license for this.:)

Many congratulations to all on the publication!

—Iain Matheson


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