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Just One of Those Things.

Just One of Those Things,
drawings by Mark Enslin, collage by William Gillespie

Sonata Quijada
Sonata Quijada
, a composition for one performer and Quijada or Vibraslap; Jack-in-the-box; wind-up chattering teeth with key, wind-up hopping, chattering teeth with feet; metal bird-cage wind chimes, metal clicker, and five dice, inspired by both Beethoven's Sonata op. 131 and the United Mime Workers' Shadows Beyond the Benefit of a Doubt, was composed in 1988.

Sonata Quijada, score
> PDF: 3 pages, legal sized (8.5 x 14 inches), landscape (wide) orientation

original score: hypercard stack


Ground Whereon
> Composition for guitar, composed for Andy Gricevich

Ground Whereon.
download PDF score

When is Audience?
> PDF essay

Teaching Composition: Facing the Power of the Respondent
> PDF essay


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