Dear Sirs:

We will release the report you have requested as soon as we have been able to process, revise, and declassify the material appropriately.

Although the report of the Ed Commission contains a great deal of sensitive information, only those details that represent a tangible threat to national security (such as dates, exact locations, and the names of intelligence staff still in active service) will be removed or altered in the version that is released. Redaction and final approval will take some time. We will release the first section at or around the close of business on 2000-05-23. Because responsibility for approval lies with the director of this office, and because of our director's many other responsibilities, he will not be able to approve for declassification more than one section of the redacted report each working day. In compliance with relevant sections of the Freedom of Information Act, however, I will make sure to clear the report as rapidly as possible. I will therefore plan to make a section available each day until the complete report is released.

There is no requirement to release the report in computer format, as you have requested, and because of limited technical staff available here this office will not be able to provide the report to you in computer format. We will not be making the report available on the World Wide Web or otherwise be placing it on a public network. We will transmit the declassified report to you by fax, however, if you wish.


Morton Sumner
Freedom of Information Act Officer
National Security Council