Mark Enslin's headphones Eclectic



I got my headphones tuned between two different AM stations
< and my briefcase is full of declassified information

< declassified uh-huh mm-hm yeah, declassified and im reading it
< under the lens of your radio im dissecting it and bleeding it

i read the world for breakfast 	and after lunch i write it
# i let it get me down and then i stand back up and fight it

I read the news today oh boy oh boy oh oh oh boy

I know linguistics, statistics
pundits and mystics

I voted for Ralph Nader, I read Dotson Rader
# I got a thousand signatures and sent them to Darth Vader

< im reading and world report time life and the post
# i know more than other DJs cause i read the most

< and when i squint to the west i can see afghanistan
# i put my head between my knees and i can see iran

i get documents online and then i analyze them
 # they knowz iz out there waiting soz they dont declassifize them

i bugged the whitehouse and i bugged the pentagon
< in the filling in my molar i got my descrambler on

I got 	the truth 		I got Paul Mueth
We got better lines than 		Hayden Carruth

We put our eleven cents in 	Just like Marx and Lenin
Pauls like Karl McCartney but Im John Lennon

wed love to turn you on

I say I want a revolution and I want to stop it all
# I finished all three volumes up of Marxs Capital

# Everything that old boy wrote is up upon my shelf
And every single bit I translated myself

Im reading and Im learning 	and when the tide is turning
< Itll warm my heart in part to see the dollar bills burning

they werent built in a day 	but all roads lead to rome
# ill do fine just as the romans with my main man Noam

id like to tell a story about a little man if i can a gnome whose name was chomsky

MC ESTABRRrrOOK I gotta voice like milk
Im the bestdressed man you ever heard can your hear my tie?  its silk



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