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William: Five seconds until midnight.
Adam: I’ll tune my guitar
William: Four...
Mark: I’ve got these Marcuse texts I’d like to perform
William: Three seconds...
Rick: I know – the ALL WALTZ show!
William: Two...
David: Play this Herbert Brun piece
William: Uh-oh...
Rishi: (ahem) You’re listening to Eclectic Seizure Radio Theater...

(This page reflects an ongoing attempt to create an index of an overwhelmingly large collection of cassettes. Omissions, discrepancies, inaccuracies are unavoidable. If we win the lottery, we will put the audio online.)

Date Title of show / cassette What Players  
1992 July 26 Bananas A radio play Rick Burkhardt, Bethany Cooper, Mark Enslin, Joe Futrelle, William Gillespie  
  Tuesday, Tuesday      
1992 August 9 Jack Testosterone Show Breakthrough half-scripted half-improvised riffing in various styles of FM announcers Rick Burkhardt, Joe Futrelle, William Gillespie  
1992 August 16 Jack Testosterone Show      
Labor Day 1992 Static Show We brought our own static to the station, and wrote scripts and songs using static, including Adam Cain's Static Song. Rick Burkhardt, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie  
6 October 1992 The Well-Tempered Tantrum A story by William Gillespie scored for four voices, K90.1 FM, and a live update on what the other FM stations were doing for listeners who were considering touching that dial.    
25 October 1992 10 25 92 / No SLACK / Bob Carlot's Illini Sportstalk Minute Typewritten parody of WDWS AM featuring a left-wing Rush Limbaugh: Left Counteract, a character invented, written, and performed (I think) by Keith Johnson Elizabeth "Moth," a woman who emerged from the pond at the Gesundheit Institute, appeared on Eclectic Seizure, and flew off into time.  
29 October 1992 Cooking with Jaw Some band embedded ina bewildering number of radio theater scripts by the Eclectic Guy some band & Casey Malone  
23 November 1992


the COLD COLD liquid Ditch

The night I drove into a ditch after the boradcast driving around in the country in the middle of the night listening to a tape of the show. It was that good. Holloway, me, Rick, Mark, Keith Exquisite Seizure!
27 December 1992 [SCREW] Nonsense 2 Weird, wonderful, & with whales. Cummings, Beckett, Stein, et al. William, Rick, Keith... Mmm...
  Miscellaneous Show Engineer Keith Johnson on Squirrels / The Show They Wouldn't Let Into the Military. A great show orbiting gay consciousness. A surprising performance by the Eclectic Guy. A script probably by Keith Johnson featuring Mark Enslin in a helicopter. Rick Burkhardt reads Jean Genet. Some good Maestro Subgum and the Whole. And some goofing around with the wireless microphone, as WEFT roving reporter Chip Wilcox (Adam Cain) gets into Keith's van and drives away, while broadcasting.   L+ A+


"if we had known we was gonna be eclectic..." Very nice mix, from Bach to the Last Poets, and our performance of "Death," a play by Woody Allen, is a keeper. Keith Johnson, William Gillespie. LA

1993 April 16

Nice Weather Downstate. Good electronic music, Penn Jillette listens to Ralph Records. This show features "Neighborhood Record Collection Salesman" by Keith Johnson, and some ill-advised cut-ups.   XX

1993 24 May

MUSICPHOBIA Absolutely baffling. A dense, aetherial mix from way back when I was heavily into relaxation tapes and motivational cassettes of various sorts. Oh, whoops, that was the show before mine. This always happens when I listen to these tapes: I am amazed at how wonderfully eclectic my show is, and then I discover that it was the previous show: Doug Down with "Departing Platform 5."   L+

1993 June 13


Feldenkrais. Interview with Larry Goldfarb, "Feldenkrais Guy," and discussion of the Feldenkrais movement education program. XX  
1993 June 27 "Wild desire formed and focused on steel and wheels" The tape opens with a bunch of intolerable squeaking, which turns out to have beem the previous show. I didn't say a word and spun a lovely mix of gentle British psychedelic B-sides, fading into rough British punk.   L+
1993 July 4 Fourth of July with Kate McDowell. L.        
1993 July 14 A/OLD MISS MAHONES This is a prerecorded tape for a broadcast. It consists of a song "Old Miss Mahones" by Brendan Holloway, and an interview with Herbert Brün conducted by, and (to the detriment of this recording) simultaneously typed into a computer by, Joel Chadabe. The interview is interesting, but one wonders why he recorded it and keyed it in simultaneously, unless he was simply desperate to show off his laptop.   X
1993 November 13 "We're going to be in real trouble." Segue-free radio, or The Night of 100 Records. This is an interesting mix of new music, novelties, and sound effects. It has archivable moments, especially during the recorded segment of the show that came on before mine. (I would start the recording at home before I left home to go to the station and so I would record 20 minutes of the previous show)   LA
1994 January 24 HEARING AID RADIO with Herbert Brün, Rick Burkhardt, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie, Susan Parenti, Rishi Zutshi. Skits centered around and music related to... hearing aids. With original pieces by Susan Parenti, and performances by the live cast.  
  B SIDES FROM THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR OF OBLIVION Obscure mixes with two turntables: Herb Alpert, Timothy Leary, Robert Frost, Negativland, Good Morning Vietnam, in-studio electronic effects made with the delay on the variable-speed tape deck.   LA
1994 April 3 or March 4 (date format unclear) CPT.BEEFHEART TOM CORA 7 THE EX / RANDOM This radio show consists entirely of computer-generated text, including a press conference, answering machine messages, commercials, and pledge drive pitches. Sometimes you can hear the players reading scripts that are being read as they come cranking out of the noisy IBM proprinter we set up in the studio, along with my old PC convertible. The randomly-generated texts alternate with electronic music of various types. With performances by Rick Burkhardt, Adam Cain, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie, Rishi Zutshi. The computer program "bonzo" was written by Adam Cain and the specific output was programmed by Adam Cain and William Gillespie. L+ A
1994 May 16 EMERGENCY BACKUP RADIO JOE SHOW , with Rick Burkhardt, Adam Cain, Mark Enslin, William Gillespie. A radio broadcast dedicated to the the works of Joe Futrelle, then at Hampshire college. Man, this is fun to listen to! At the time, William Gillespie may have been the best living scholar on the works of Futrelle, and could whip out a vast multitude of basement tapes and rare texts. Virtually everyone who attempts to perform Futrelle's writing on this broadcast cracks up at some point. L A+ ["Fish Head Difficulty" is a great piece composed of sampled voicemail menus - if only we had remembered this one during "Answering MACHINE RADIO." And its great to hear "Critter Clatter", or at least its audible portions...]  
1994 July 25 Cybersub Thump I think this was an overnight broadcast, substituting for the Cybersphere Guy, who came on after Eclectic Seizure. This show featured the Eclectic Guy and guest Joe Futrelle, featuring compositions by Joe, and the music of the Thump Piano Duo. When they try to mimic country airshifters, their accents wander all over the American south.   LA
1994 July 25 (continued).....Subbing Cyberjack Thump Ouch. There are a number of poetry performance experiments. "The Creep" verges on succesful. This overnight show descends into madness as Joe and William intentionally reenact every unprofessional mannerism radio hosts can have, and then proceed to play "Jumping Jack Flash" three times in a row. People actually called in to complain. We're lucky that's all they did. Parts of this show make it to the paradoxic extreme "so bad it's good," but the rest of it is merely so bad. There's some good rock music in between though.   A X
1994 July 25 (the agony of the five-hour overnight slot continued) SORRY->BONK The overnight airshifters continue their self-destructive cycle of playing commercial music they hate for no identified reason other than an aggressively cynical non-commercial stance.   X
1994 August 1 Pretenders An eclectic mix with some awkward experiments with narrative records and old radio plays. Some very nice music though, such as the Club Foot Orchestra's "Tango." An intense and metallic cover of the Stones' "We Love You" by musicians unknown. "(We're Gonna) Rock" by the Police Car Doors sets the time period. Joe Futrelle's Computer-assisted Linguistic Composition with multiple simultaneous word ladders is guaranteed to get all the dogs in the neighborhood barking.    
1994 August 29 Ravel, Ives, Schoenberg, Haydn and Ives.   A wonderful show produced from suffering, and I don't mean to suggest that the good show justified the suffering. A bunch of music by Ravel, Ives, Schoenberg, Haydn, and Ives. Could this be the original broadcast performance of that classic skit: "The Making of the Making Of Eclectic Seizure"? Worth repeated listenings for Rick Burkhardt's selections from Ravel, Ives, Schoenberg, Haydn, and Ives. A+ L+
July 1995 CIGARETTES A radio show in which every song uses the word "cigarettes," with the Eclectic Guy running out of songs and imploring listeners to call in the anmes of songs using the word "cigarette," with a great audience response that pulls the show through to two hours    
9 November 1997 The Olympics on TV at the Experimental Music Coffeehouse over the Radio in a Dorm Room , a radio play by the students of Music 199: Music and Beyond    

L+=really fun to listen to
A=archivable moments
A+=must archive
X=bad sound quality

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