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Rock Geek F.M. > Rock Scholarship

Eclectic Seizure > a radio show of poetry & strangely appropriate music

Listen to the Unknown > the Great American Hypertext Novel

Twenty Consonant Radio > Poetry, thater and music writen using serial poetry techniques

Downcity Poetry Series > Contemporary poets live in Providence in 2004-05

The Ground Whereon Composition for Guitar by Mark Enslin 8:10 7.5
Drawing on the Radio Radio Theater by Mark Enslin 6 5.5
Adjoining Stanzas Poem by Mark Enslin :50 11
Stallings William Gillespie 47 22
Experiments Bernadette Mayer 5:51 8.1
Fourier Electronique Joshua Corey Poetry Remix 10:00 12.81
Warmongering Ray Federman leaves a newspoem on Spineless Books' answering machine September 11th 2002 4:19 3.9
Reverse Chronology Newspoem Joe Futrelle 4:15 2
testament for one or two hands a poem by Kurt Heintz 4:40 4.3
Ventriloquists Administration MC Willy G PhD, ABD: words; The Celebrated Mr. K: music 7:00 8.24
Page 26,
Page 27
From Letter to Lamont 2:18,

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