Jerome walks past a dilapidated carnival, boarded up. Shattered funhouse mirrors whose silvered paint is flaking lean against a squat brick catacomb. A globular plastic clown head with a shattered nose offers a gap-toothed grin exposing old wiring stripped of components.

Jerome is momentarily overcome and leans against a wall gasping. When it subsides he puts a cigarette in his mouth and pushes himself again to his feet. Across the street a junkyard dog with maniacal energy paces the razorwire-crennelated perimeter of a cemetary littered with husks of doomed automobiles.

Jerome pauses at a warehouse door. He does not knock. The door is opened by a gigantic man wearing a pinstripe suit and garish clown makeup, red nose, shoes, and silk tie. A large red tear flows from the man's eye.

Upstairs the Terrorist sits alone at a table before a row of intermittently-shattered windows that overlook a ruined ferris wheel seeming to lean in the breeze.

The Terrorist nods and gestures at a stool. Jerome shakes the Terrorist's hand and sits. Jerome removes his backpack from his back and removes from it an envelope which he puts on the table. The Terrorist smiles a missing tooth. The Terrorist gestures at a pack of cigarettes and picks up the envelope. Jerome pats the cigarette package in his breast pocket as if to say no.

From the envelope the Terrorist withdraws a key and a folded map. The Terrorist unfolds the map and examines it, inspecting its markings.

The Terrorist nods, pockets the map and key, and nods to the large clown in the suit.

The clown comes out of the shadows and hands Jerome a duffel bag.

Jerome accepts the duffel bag, unzips and glances within it.

The clown escorts Jerome through large and empty interiors to the back of the building. Jerome takes out one of his own cigarettes but does not light it.

Outside Jerome finds himself in a concrete landscape. There is nothing alive, only an empty parkinglot. Chain link ivy climbs the walls of abandoned buildings.

He lights his cigarette and walks toward the center of town.

  the Bartender serves up Melancholy Hour the Bartender serves Happy Hour putting it to bed the News, evening edition the News: morning edition the Secretary and the Administrator discuss a private matter pertaining to a possible problem the Secretary has a doctors appointment the Secretary does research on the Internet the Administrator stays at work late the Administrator goes to work about dawn the Administrator lies awake all night the Janitor gets drunk at night YOU ARE HERE the Janitor gets up in the morning Werd falls asleep at night Werd gets drunk in the evening Werd goes to work in the morning