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Bang Utot, a CD by Dave King, Rick Burkhardt, & Joe Futrelle

Bang Utot.

Bang Utot is the first full-length recording made by Dave King, and one of the first by Joe Futrelle and Rick Burkhardt. It was produced on anfour-track cassette recorder in 1986, and digitally remastered by Paul Kotheimer in 2009.

The music is authentic psychedelic art-folk with excursions in blues piano and the Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard.

Dave King: Vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, piano, bongos, whistle
Joe Futrelle: Vocals, bongos, percussion, piano, kazoo
Rick Burkhardt: Vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion

Recorded at the Attic, Urbana in August 1986. Engineered by Joe Futrelle and Rick Burkhardt. Digitally remastered from cassette by Paul Kotheimer at Hand Made Records, Urbana in Autumn 2008. William Gillespie: Channels

All songs by Dave King except x with Joe and + with Rick
©1986 by Dave King, Rick Burkhardt, Joe Futrelle
2009 by Invertebrate Records / Spineless Books

  1. Opening
  2. All Those Pieces
  3. No Hooks on You
  4. T.V. God x
  5. Tower of Glass
  6. Baby
  7. Oil Separation is Natural
  8. Sex God
  9. This is Not a Song
  10. Kill the White Man +
  11. I Talk
  12. Rubber Edge

The problem is that we mere mortals are warped looms- we are simple recieving antennas. Whereas heaven radiates willy-nilly we are highly directional and, by contrast, profoundly limited. Overwhelmed by the cancophony of clamoring frequencies we muffle the muses with buffers and filters. We suffer from image distortion, improper illumination, bounces and blooming, picture ghosts and barber-polling. Our deflection yokes sizzle upon the gangloin of lightnings bursting from our high voltage anode connectors. The commercialism of death has denied us the the x-ray protection circuits and the sand-castle generators we so urgantly need!


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