20 Consonant Poetry. Simple rules create beautiful confusion: Use all twenty consonants (bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz) at least once in each sentence; Do not repeat consonants except when repeating one consonant uninterrupted by other consonants (e.g. the fragment "bunnies suck Kool-Aide dope"); use vowels freely. Contribute to this page by sending your own twenty consonant poetry to me. William Gillespie and others on Eclectic Seizure inspired this page.

1995.11.16 by Katya Vye Shippe:
Kil lecherous Suzie Q. Gun! Pow! Exit. Defame by jove.
Sanitize jam-fuck void. Ha! Quail! Leg wax probe.

1995.09.23 by Leslie Opp-Beckman:
Move quick! Jungle zebras exited. Poof! Why?
A queue ... zippy cod-waves ebb. Luxuriant, foamy. A huge joke?

[Leslie wants to know "Can I encourage students in my creative writing classes to contribute?" Of course! Spread the virus. -- ed.]

1995.09.06 Do You Realize How Many Witnesses Have Z's in Their Names??? by Martin H. Booda:
O.J. axed wife Nicole by ear; hazy Ito makes vague quip.
Quake film vexes judge. Zip, white Bronco!
Jive writ quashed, Lopez back, Fung exam.
Glove cued; "When bump?" jury quizes foxy Kato.

1995.08.26 White Aqua Scandal, Prez B. J. Make Vague Fix by Martin H. Booda:
"Mike, why box pal Vince Foster?" quiz judge.
"Hil, 1st Woman, bade I fax Prez quick jive goo
I had viz. cowpox futures. Manque joke lug be
fake; we jog, play bezique, shred, mix Vince too."

1995.07.26 by Liem Bahneman:
mix deanna + worf, quite a vue: zeal, he's big, picky
have jean-luc or Q gay sex? Aww, fib. Unzip. Mate. Jipped.
Data or wes: a queer? a geek? Vue a lazy conn, hex by fake jump
O'brien, gawky jap love, fix hazed masque cut
Maj. Kira to ops: I boff odo! Quiz away, exchange love.
Make a queue: view Bashir join Dax to cop a gauzy feel
Quark, latinum of Nagus, a buy-wiz, vice: fix dabo, jip
Jake and Pa, a Commander, live on base, fight Q, waxy daze
Voyager quest: zap a fax home. Bad java, clean wok
Janeway, coffee gal, Quite bad hair, makes vox zap.
ex-maquis Chakotay, anal joke? big prize: food vow.
Kes: a boy, Neelix: a VIP rat/JAFO, veggie quiche, zoomed awake

(Ok, abbreviations are a cop-out)... [Indeed. No more abbreviations allowed. Acronyms are Ok. -- ed.]

1995.07.25 by Liem Bahneman:
Spock, Ohura, o' Big E do exam well jovian zoo, quite ok of oxy
via exo-warp queue, Scotty, Jim go deaf by Klinzhai
Awe! Chekov, Sulu, bear NOMAD faze, exit jaggy pique
Web of Tholia snagged! Quick E'prize fix: jam-wave!

1995.07.24 by Brian Raiter:
Judge limns a waxy quip - "Here, vet, buck a fez!
Have a bawdy jape, a column of aqua okra. Exits syzygy?"
Because we might query a lax joke, fiend, Pez!
Could mean the jar views a quiz, fake a page ... ox be.

1995.07.19 Ode to T. E. Lawrence by Martin H. Booda:
Vain, poxed Gaza hero! Just blow, fuck quim,
Exhume vagabond Jew quack, seize Arafat pole,
Wake, quiz diplomat, give sexy French job;
Quick, wax fetid Zouave jism up your bunghole!

1995.07.02 by Michael-Lucifer:
You zapped my quack ass honey; I'll jive wax your fag butt!
Lick booze off the wax Jesus ass you damn queer rave pig!
Lo, Jesus smoke kif, fab Buddha hog caca, quipped raw zen TV vox.
Joe, raw zoo sex gave Allah hope to fuck bad men in a queue.

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