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Founded 20-02-2002, Spineless Books is an independent literary publishing house dedicated to the production and distribution of innovative literature, with an emphasis on collaborative writing, formal experimentation, and utopian thought.

While Keyhole Factory is now available from Soft Skull Press, there are still copies of the original Spineless hardback on Amazon.com.

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2002. 2002: A Palindrome Story in 2002 Words Nick Montfort & William Gillespie A collaboratively-authored narrative palindrome 2002

A small book designed by Ingrid Ankerson with plates by Shelley Jackson. This curiously beautiful volume is the definitive edition of 2002: a Palindrome Story. ISBN: 0-9724244-9-0. 4 by 4 inches. 24 pages. Perfect bound with vellum plates and wraps. Distributed by Spineless Books. 01-10-2002 $16.
Review by Trevor Dodge in Review of Contemporary Fiction.
Also available from Amazon.


backward pilgrim by Deborah Akers backward pilgrim Deborah Akers "poems pulsing with the dense, rich music of partial rhyme" 2013

backward pilgrim, by Deborah Akers. ISBN 978-1-938928-00-0. 5 x 8 inches. 98 pages. Perfect bound with French Folds. Published by I-Beam Books. 2013. $16.

Also available from Amazon.

Bermuda Love Triangle. The Bermuda Love Triangle Tom Grothus Lovely small color book of surrealist cartoons and epigrams. 1988

The Bermuda Love Triangle, by Tom Grothus. ISBN 0-930257-06-5. 4.75 by 3.5 inches. 48 pages. Perfect bound. Published by Function Industries. 1988. $6.



Drawn Inward. Drawn Inward Mike Maguire Poetry, Palindromes, Word Palindromes, Redividers, Poems About Trains 2003

A yellow book designed by Nick Montfort. Drawn Inward is a collection of poetry comprising four sections: Word Palindromes, Charades, Palindromes, and Poems about Trains. ISBN: 0-9724244-3-1. 6 by 9 inches. 52 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Ingram. 12-21-2003 $10.01.
Review by Alan Sondheim in EBR.
Also available from Amazon.

Family Album, by Harold Balazs. Family Album Harold Balazs
Dirk Stratton
Drawings with captions 2015

Executive-class surrealist illustrated clothbound book limited to 526 copies, 500 numbered and signed by the artist. ISBN 978-1-938928-01-7. 8.5 by 9 inches. 66 un-numbered pages. Published by I-Beam Books. Distributed by Spineless Books. 6-15-2005 $50.
Also available from Amazon.

Fourier Series, by Joshua Corey. Fourier Series Joshua Corey A poetry cycle 2005

A beautiful book with a spine and French Revolution folds. Fourier Series won the Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn Award for Best Book Length Work of Constrained English Literature. ISBN 0-9724244-4-X. 7.5 by 9 inches. 102 pages. Perfect bound, with slipcover. Distributed by Spineless Books. 07-05-2005 $16.
Review in Constant Critic by Joyelle McSweeney.
Also available from Amazon.

here/gone, by Karen Green here/gone: AN ABC FLIP BOOK FOR GROWN-UPS Karen Green 52 phosphorescent paintings zipping and unzipping the alphabet 2008

An invertible bi-directional 52-page full-color artist's book in paperback or hardback.This flip-book consists of two opposing narratives, each 26 mixed media artworks corresponding to the letters of the alphabet. ISBN 978-0-9801392-4-2. 8.5 by 8.5 inches. 52 color pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Spineless Books. 10-12-2008 $26.
Also available from Amazon.

How to Vote: A Manual, by Max Winchester. How to Vote:
A Manual
Max Winchester 50 prose poems 2016

A white book. The last work of poetry composed by Max Winchester. Edition 1.2. Published President’s Day 2016 .ISBN 978-1-938928-03-1. Published by I-Beam Books. Distributed by Spineless Books. $12.


I'd Revere Verdi, by Barbara Thorburn and Jane Z. Chance. I'd Revere Verdi Barbara Thorburn and Jane Z. Smith Palindromes for the serious music lover 2011

A blue paperback. Highly educational, meticulously annotated palindrome cartoons documenting the lives and works of the great composers. ISBN 978-0-9801392-8-0. Perfect bound $16. 5.5 by 8.5 inches. 73 pages. Distributed by Ingram. 05-05-2011.
Also available from Amazon.


Joey Joey, by William Gillespie. Joey Zoey William Gillespie A letter-pressed consonant poem 2011

Limited edition letterpress printing. This poem, the longest known sustained consonant poem, uses the entire alphabet in every line, using each consonant one at a time, to tell the story of an Iraq war veteran. This limited edition pamphlet was letterpressed with plates of original abededafrian artwork by Chris Merritt. $5 plus shipping.


Johnny Werd: The Fire Continues. Johnny Werd Q. Synopsis A novel 2003

A novel paperback and hardback. Experimental novel retelling the story of a boy and his fire. Cover by Andrew Byrom. ISBN 0-9724244-1-5 Clothbound $25 / ISBN 0-9724244-2-3 Paperback $9.95. 5.5 by 8.5 inches. 136 pages. Distributed by Ingram. 21-01-2003.
Review by Joseph Dewey for American Book Review.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. And Amazon.


Letter to Lamont, by William Gillespie. Letter to Lamont William Gillespie Fiction 2005

A green paperback. A surrealist feast for romantic fools pours through your letterbox. Cover art by Scott Westgard. ISBN: 0-9724244-5-8. 6 by 9 inches. 88 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Ingram. 07-03-2005. $10.
Review by Tom LaFarge in Marginalia. Review by Eckhard Gerdes in Context.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. And Amazon.


Lost Citizen, by William Gillespie. Lost Ciizen William Gillespie Poetry 2008

Light blue paperback. Lost Citizen: Selected Poems 1995-2003 is a survey of the millennial poetry of William Gillespie, edited by Stephanie Strickland. Cover art by Scott Westgard. ISBN 978-0-9801392-0-46 by 9 inches. 63 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Ingram. 02-20-2008. $10.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. Or Amazon.


Mars Needs Lunch Jimmy Crater Fiction 2006

Crimson paperback. "as men busied themselves with making their bread they were scrutinised and studied... as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise yeast." ISBN: 0-9724244-8-2. 6 by 9 inches. 48 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Ingram. 01-04-2006. $10
Also available from Amazon.


Mr. and Mrs. Hide, by Natalija Grgorinic and Ognjen Raden. Mr. & Mrs. Hide Natalija Grgorinic & Ognjen Raden A collaborative novel 2009

Cactus-colored paperback. A writing duo from an unnamed country immigrate to Los Angeles and have trouble assimilating California, and, at times, each other. ISBN: 978-0-9801392-1-1. 5 by 6.75 inches. 204 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Spineless Books. 02-14-2009. $14.
Also available at Amazon.


Objects Everyday, by Q. Synopsis. Objects Everyday Q. Synopsis Resistentialist prose 2015

Paperback designed by Single Stereo. A deep and dense exploration
of humanity's interaction with the material world. ISBN: ISBN 978-1-938928-02-4. 73 pages. 5 x 8 inches. 98 pages. Perfect bound with French Folds. Published by I-Beam Books. 2015. $23 .
Also available from Amazon.

Riddle & Bind, by Nick Montfort. Riddle & Bind Nick Montfort A book of poetry 2010

Light blue paperback. Riddles, constrained poems, and poems whose constraint is itself a riddle. With notes and an encrypted answer key. ISBN: 978-0-9801392-7-3. 94 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Perfect Bound. Distributed by Ingram. 31 October 2010. $16.
Also available from Amazon.

Rock geek chic. Rock Geek Chic William Gillespie & Crystalline Scoggins rock scholarship radio. we wrote the book on rock but haven't typed it up yet. download the audio. 2008-2012
Steal Stuff From Work, by Jasper Pierce Steal Stuff From Work Jasper Pierce A novel and handbook 2008

A red or blue paperback and black hardback. Steal Stuff From Work is a novel about bad waiters who take things too far. Paper: ISBN 978-0-9801392-2-8 $11.11. 6 by 9 inches. Cloth: ISBN 978-0-9801392-3-5. $25. 132 pages. Distributed by Ingram. 01-09-2008.
Review by Megan Milks at American Book Review. Review/interview by Joel Gillespie at Smile Politely.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. And Amazon.

The Story of the Sparrow. Story of the Sparrow Raymond Federman Folk tale


Limited edition printing. A story by Raymond Federman with an original intervention by Spineless Books, printed on acid-free lingin-free Canson Mi-Tientes paper in an edition of 26 copies, signed by Federman, lettered A-Z. 5 by 8 inches. 4 pages. Pamphlet. Distributed by Spineless Books. $26


The Story That Teaches You How to Write It The Story That Teaches You How To Write It William Gillespie Simultaneous essay and story: theory and practice of experimental fiction


published: 2005

Purple paperback. On the left-hand pages in numerous forms a story of students in love. On the right-hand pages an essay explaining the forms used. ISBN: 0-9724244-0-7. 6 by 9 inches. 80 pages. Perfect bound. Distributed by Ingram. 13-03-2005. $10.
Review by Eckhard Gerdes in Context.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. And Amazon.


Table of Forms. Table of Forms Dominique Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn An exploration of new poetic form & constraint-driven literature



Dark blue paperback and hardback. Collection of experimental, ludic, constraint-driven poetry; puzzle book; and writing manual. Hardback cloth version includes extra material. Cloth: ISBN 0-9724244-6-6 $25. Paper: ISBN 0-9724244-7-4 $25. 6 by 9 inches. 136 pages. Distributed by Ingram. 12-31-2006.
Review by Doug Nufer in American Book Review. Review by Joseph Dewey in Review of Contemporary Fiction.
Also available from Espresso Book Machine. And Amazon.


The Unknown: An Anthology.
The Unknown: an Anthology
William Gillespie, Frank Marquardt, Scott Rettberg, Dirk Stratton The red herring of the award-winning hypertext novel



Red paperback. Decadent, comic, lively, dark, and satirical, the fragmented novel explores the millennial collision of literature, technology, and commerce. Paper: ISBN 978-0-9801392-9-7 $16. 6 by 9 inches. 268 pages. Distributed by Ingram. 6-18-2011. Also available from Amazon.


With Hidden Noise
Dirk Stratton A story about the most cerebral art theft of the Twentieth Century 2002

Limited edition printing. A story about a dada art theft published in an edition of 26 signed copies lettered A-Z. 8.5 by 8.5 inches. 26 pages. Spiral bound. Distributed by Spineless Books. 20-02-2002. $7


Bang Utot Bang Utot Dave King, Rick Burkhardt, Joe Futrelle Authentic psychedelic art-folk 1989
(remastered 2006)

Music CD. Bang Utot, by Dave King, is folk rock with excursions in blues piano and the Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard. Digitally remastered by Paul Kotheimer. CD. 12 songs. About 45 minutes. Published by Invertebrate Records. $10


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